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knitting teacher

This is just a quick post to explain why there have been no posts recently.

In September I started training to become a secondary school* science teacher.  The course is as time-consuming as it is rewarding, leaving me with little ‘spare’ time to knit, blog, read books not on reading list, see friends, talk to family or do housework (ok no change there for the last one).

But knitting time can be justified if it’s spent making teaching aids …
teaching aids

Top Row: Microbes 1. bacterium (e. coli), 2. fungus (penicillin), 3. virus (common cold), 4. bacterium (TB),
Bottom row: Invertebrates, extinct & extant 5. belemnite, 6. cuttlefish, 7. trilobite, 8. ammonite and belemnite

…  or school-teacher-appropriate knitwear – my angostura is finally finished!
Angostura frontAngostura back
ravelry project page

And yes my classes did love the knitted fossils and mirco-organisms.  I see the time spent making them an investment – hopefully I’m going to be teaching for lots of years so they will get a lot of use. Now I’m off to look for a mole pattern ….


* secondary school = high school, ages 11 – 16 (or 18)


So You Think You Can Knit?

Absolutely loving Harry Hill’s search for Britain’s next top knitter on The K Factor: So You Think You Can Knit?

As soon as the first one went out I started getting texts from friends & relations demanding to know if I was going to enter.  So far I’ve submitted two entries, Cephalopoda & a ladybird, but no luck.
ammonite and belemniteladybird for Brenda

Perhaps knitted arthropods are not telegenic enough?  I have one last entry to send in this week so fingers crossed I can make it to the not-live final …

crochet 2, audrey 0

I am not one of nature’s artists.  I know I can’t draw or paint, but sometimes I delude myself about my ability to undertake other creative tasks.  Take for example the time I decided to bake my son a train cake for his birthday, like the one my friend made for hers.  Baking cakes I can do, and she said it was easy to make the carriages & engine from sponge cake.  At 3 am, surrounded by bits of sponge cake hacked into random shapes and soggy with tears, I found out that her definition of ‘easy’ was different to mine (and then went to the 24 hour supermarket to buy a damn cake).

This is a lesson I seem to need to keep relearning, apparently.  I can crochet, so I can do knock up an amigurumi Darth Maul for my nephew, based on this cute pattern.  Right?
amigurumi FAIL
I don’t know which aspect of this is worse, my inability to crochet tightly enough for amigurumi (despite using big yarn and little hook) or my attempts to embroider the features on to it?  On balance, I think the embroidery is the biggest fail.  The tension I can work on (as a self-taught crocheter I can probably learn from some RL crochet gurus) but the embroidery I think falls outwith my creative sphere.

So then I decided to crochet a hat.  This also went sadly wrong, managing to be both too tight at the brim and too floppy on the crown.  Luckily however I found someone it fit perfectly.

some people are never happy ….

As I was browsing the Crochet on Ravelry group’s ‘Finished Object of the Month Contest‘ thread, son was looking over my shoulder, demanding that I get off ravelry and let him get on Club Penguin when he saw quester’s EVE. So of course he wants me to make him one, too, to be a friend to the Wall-E he’s just made out of junk.  And being still, by some miracle, in Good Mum mode, I did.
EVE meets WallE
Actually I did this in a worryingly short time (even including an emergency trip into town for more fibrefill) because I find crochet dangerously compelling. Things go up so much more quickly than knitting, I find myself thinking things are ‘nearly’ finished so I end up staying up very (very) late in a massive binge-crochet to the end. Knitting is must calmer just doesn’t have that effect on me (except the night before a birthday present is due).

Now son wants me to do another EVE, this time with a gun (she did have some kind of fire power in the film, if I remember right). And then make a matching yarn Wall-E. And some Worms (with accessories).  And then probably a penguin and some puffles.

what could be cuter than an Adipose baby?

Two Adipose babies, of course.

knitted Adipose & crocheted Adipose

Adipose knitting pattern by Mazzmatazz ; Adipose crochet pattern by me

Son wants a multitude of Adipose and I wanted to try and knit one in addition to the crochet one. I was going to try and invent it myself but then Mazzmatazz published her most excellent pattern. I really enjoyed making this, the construction is very clever (much better than my basic crochet effort). I particularly love the way the fingers and toes are made. Mazz has other Dr Who knitting patterns available, I think I’ll have to make an Oood and the Face of Boe soon. What with Dr Who characters and socks, son is beginning to see the point of all this knitting.

Added 30th April 08: unfortunately Mazz’s Dr Who patterns are not currently available

who are you calling a geek?

adipose baby in dalek cup
To great excitement in our house, the new series of Doctor Who1 started last night. With a new ‘monster’, the Adipose babies. On Dr Who Confidential it explained they were cgi-ed but also they had a couple of knitted ones on set. Ooooh. I have white wool, hmmmm … so after a quick rummage in the oddments box I made one. Crocheted rather than knitted (as it’s quicker and I find it easier to improvise in crochet), I worked on it while we watched the ‘old’ Dr Who & the Daleks episodes.
adipose baby
And yes there’s a pattern of sorts available, in case I am not the only crocheting Dr Who fan around.

Click here for the pdf
Creative Commons License
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License

Added 7th April 08: if you’re looking for a knitting pattern for an Adipose, go here for Mazzamatazz’s pattern
Added 30th April 08: unfortunately Mazz’s pattern is not currently available

1. ‘New’ Dr Who Series 4, Episode 1 Partners in Crime