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I’ve joined the Seamstresses’ Guild

look at the skirt wot I made
'made by me' skirt

I really enjoyed the sewing class yesterday. Thanks to lovely Emma and Natalie (Made by Me) I have finally made a garment without it being chewed up and spat out by the sewing machine. I love the fabric and colour, and really like the hem and the way the skirt falls. Hopefully I will get to some more of their one-off workshops and once I have all my OU out of the way I’d like to maybe take an evening class. And/or turn up at my parents’ with a bolt of cloth, a pattern and a ‘muuuuuum….’ look on my face.

Oh it turns out that a respectable almost-married woman like myself is unlikely to be admiteed to the Seamstresses’ Guild. At least I am a member in good standing of the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Knitters and Allied Crafts.

guild coat of arms