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closing ceremony

Yay I won 3 more ravelympics medals.  Finished my ‘reason monkey’ socks on Thursday, and they were entered in two events, the Sock  Put and the Holiday Handball (can’t put up pictures of the finished socks yet as they are someone’s Christmas present). And on the final day of the Games, in a last minute dash for the line, I started and finished my Free-for-All Freestyle project while watching highlights of sports the BBC considers ‘minority interest’ eg basketball, handball and (my fave) the water polo.

Salvadoran flag
Flag of El Salvador1, for the 198 Countries Peace Project
Crocheted in Robin DK shades white & roayal

holiday handball

1. note for Salvadorans and vexillologists:  I spent a lot of time fretting about how to deal with the coat of arms in the middle of the flag, then the Wikipedia entry for the flag told me that the version bearing the Coat of Arms is used by the government or state organizations. The other version without coat of arms is used for civil purposes. So, I think it is OK to sumbit the civil version! I will be posting it early next week.


Pratchgan presentation

The fabulous CherryRed did a fantastic job of sewing up all the squares for the Ankh Morpork Knitters’ Guild Pratchgan, and then she got to present it to pterry in person.

pratchgan presentation, photo by Cherryred

pratchgan presentation, photo by Cherryred

Squeeee, that’s my square just below his hand.  Full story and more pictures on Cherryred’s blog.

on the podium

ravelympics medal
I have won my first Ravelympics medal, in the scarf stroke event, with my Boteh Scarf:

boteh scarfboteh detail

Pattern: Boteh scarf by Kathy Merrick
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid
Hook: 4 mm

Loved this pattern and am really glad I bought it. It looks complicated at first but is quite easy to follow and to memorise. The only real problem I had was with the finishing, crocheting all around the edge of the scarf. Pattern says do about 2 stitches for 3 rows but that was far too tight for me, after 4 or 5 times of trying different combinations I ended up crocheting a stitch for every row. I think I will be cranking out a few of these for Christmas presents.

And I am half way through my first sock put sock, fingers crossed I will get it done before the closing ceremony. And must not forget my flag or my WiP wrestling either … (sorry, did you say ‘work’ or ‘studying’? didn’t year you, lalalalalalaalala I can’t hear you ….)

Oh and these are Bea’s socks, I don’t think I ever put up a picture of them after they were finished:
socks for Beatriz
Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Regenwald / Rainforest (shade 1614 Frog)
Pattern: Violet Green Sock Pattern Generator
Needles: 2.5 mm Clover Takumi bamboo dpns

Ummm and I seem to have somehow aquired more sock yarn ….
sock yarn shame
oh OK then I bought it, had some spare money at the end of the month which I spent at Violet Green and the Natural Dye Studio. So all my disrectionary spends for thismonth (and next) were spent, and the very next day I went and left my mobile phone on the bus and need to buy a new one ….. oh well, mobile phones don’t keep your loved ones’ toes warm in winter.

And they’re off!

Yay the ravelympics have started!  I started two of my events while watching some of the opening ceremony:
Scarf Stroke (Boteh scarf)
ravelympics wip - boteh scarf
Sock Put (Jaywalker sock)
ravelympics wip - jaywalker

Go Team Tardis!
team tardis chiswick small

Monday morning

Last week in Ireland provided a lot more knitting opportunities than the week before, so I got my amethyst monkeys finished (to much acclaim, my mother-in-law wants a pair for Christmas).

365_018 2 August 08
pattern: Monkey by Cookie A (from knitty)
yarn: Violet Green Supersock in amethyst
needles: Clover takumi bamboo dpns, 2.75 mm for leg, 2.5 mm for heel and foot

Then I cast on with the other wool I’d taken with me, a cotton blend that’s been lurking in the stash for a while. I’ve knit the leg of the first sock but I don’t really like the colours much, so they might be retired for a while. And of course the Ravelympics start on Friday.  I am entered in 3 events:

  • Sock put – well of course socks.  Haven’t decided on yarn or pattern yet, but am thinking this could be a good start to the Christmas knitting, so I might do monkeys or jaywalkers
  • Scarf stroke – I was browsing scarf patterns on ravelry, looking for ways to use the sock yarn stash, and fatally forgot to click the ‘only free’ button.  It was love at first sight of the Boteh scarf so I had to buy the pattern
  • WiP Wrestling – as I am competing for Team Tardis there should be at least one Whovian project included, I think, and hopefully this will get me to finally finish my dalek.

Anyways after two weeks off, it’s back to normal on a typically wet Manchester morning so I’d better do some work.

when is an FO not an FO?

when you have finished all the knitting but haven’t sewn the buttons on yet
I’ve rummaged thro’ the button jar but can’t find any suitable. So these flip-top mittens are waiting for me to find time to get into town and visit Abakhan before I can finish them off.

Knitting productivity is slowed down for the time being (hoping for a consequent increase in chemistry productivity) plus stash aquisition is slowed by Rob being (hopefully temporarily) a gentleman of leisure. But I have plans. Have signed up for 3 events in the Ravelympics (scarf stroke, sock put, wip wrestling) which will all be from stash. Yarn buying will happen tho, I have fallen in love with this spiral jacket from More Big Girl Knits and my sis is helping with the yarn bill for my birthday present.

and another reason ravelry roolz …

You don’t have to join in the groups / fora to enjoy ravelry. But it’s so much fun if you do. Amongst other things you get to take part in community projects like the ‘Who Knits’ group’s aghan project.
People make one or some squares out of left-over sock yarn, knit on the bias, and then someone’s going to sew them up into a blanket and auction on ebay for MSF (as has been mentioned before, Doctors without Borders is the obvious charity of choice for Dr Who fans was well as knitters). These are mine, posted them off today …
who afghan squares

Could’ve made oodles more (am not lacking in left-over sock yarn) but have work and chemistry and such to do, not to mention there’s now less than 6 months left for the Christmas knitting.

things I love about ravelry #287

It does so make me go squeee1 when the designer of a pattern leaves a nice comment about my version of their pattern. A little while ago LaVonne was very nice about my short’n’sweet bolero. And when I logged in this morning, I found a lovely comment from Keri on my Jeanie.

OK back to the spectral interpretation

1. thing #286 = learning the word squeee

truth, justice, freedom and a hard boiled egg

Glorious 25th of May Memorial Pratchgan Square
Glorious 25th of May Memorial Pratchgan Square

Pratchgan project on flickr /ravelry
lilac coloured square incorporating the lilac stitch from Perdita (bobbles instead of beads) in honour of the Glorious 25th of May
finished size 15 cm x 15 cm
yarn:Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK in 882 Haze
needles: 3.75 mm

cue “The Hedgehog Song”

Lancre Witch's Stockings
I’ve had this lovely stripy yarn for ages, always meaning to make knee socks so now I am finally getting around to it. They started as Stockings with Clocks by Nancy Bush (from Folk Socks) but I have changed the top to a basic k2 p2 (as I want them to stay up) and am omitting the seam stitch at the back as I want a ‘mindless’ knit (something to knit while reading). I think I will still do the clocks on the lower leg, tho.

Inspired by joining the Ankh-Morpork Knitters’ Guild on ravelry (motto: favete linguis, ego numero1), I’ve been re-reading the Discworld Witches books. I might wish it otherwise but I am really more of a Nanny Ogg than a Granny Weatherwax, so I’d better get on and learn the song lyrics I’ll be needing for drinking scumble in me new stockings.

1. shut up, I’m counting