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competetive knitting

The Winter Olympics are here and so with them, another Ravelympics.  contrast-failYay. I’m hoping to complete two projects during the games to get my medals.  I’ve entered my bohus cardigan (aka the never ending cardigan of doooom) in the WiP Dancing event in the hopes of getting it finished, but it’s looking touch and go.  I was making OK progress and got as far as the colour work on the yoke.  And then realised that one of my contrasting colours is insufficiently contrasting.  I’ve ordered a differnt colour, fingers crossed it arrives from Shetland soon.  In the mean time I have been fretting about the inevitable steeking that lies ahead, fretting about it on the J&S ravelry group and getting some expert guidance.  Still terrified.

My other ravelypics project is a pair of socks, entered in multiple events – Sock Hockey (obv), Stash Compulsory Dance (using long-neglected stash) and now also the Designer Original Dance (having tried and failed to find an existing pattern that doesn’t fight with my chosen yarn).  I’m pretty hopeful of getting these done, at least (but photos will have to wait as they are a gift).


hear my voice

really, hear my voice.  On Rav Day, Girl & Dean interviewed lots of knitters and they’ve now put together a couple of fun short films from those interviews – there’s a bit of me on the WWKIP one.

Excellent sound track, too.  BRMC & knitting, great combination.

didn’t we have a lovely time

at UK Ravelry Day? Yes we did! I had such fun meeting & making knitting friends, having tea & cake (and later, wine & ice cream sundaes) while knitting and talking knitting. Old friends, new friends, Manchester friends, internet friends, … it was great to sit and chat and knit with so many lovely people.

Oh and the shopping! A bit of rain wasn’t going to come between us knitters and stash enhancement opportunities. And there were many opportunities, even if the alpaca was all off-limits to me.
wet alpacas

I did go with a wish-list (and having given myself a strict talking too about not spending all my money on sock yarn) and met so many lovely yarns it was hard to choose. In the end I came home with
rav day haul
Clockwise from top left:

And …. also placed an order with Jamieson & Smith, which is coming by post – a jumper’s-worth of Shetland aran for a Bountiful Bohus cardigan.  I am kind of wondering at the crazy of knitting a project that is steeked (!) out of wool that felts if you look at it but the Shetlanders have been doing it for a long time and it seems to work out for them.  And I met knitters on Saturday who assure me steeks are nothing to fear, so I am going for it.

Oh and I got the buttons for the cardigan too, from the Textile Garden stall.  It was 3 deep all day, their button selection is teh awesum!

and possibly best of all … I got my own real, genuine ravelry badge!
Hello my name is audreym

we need to talk about ‘normal’

So, this whole normal thing …. there are some things I like to do that I acknowledge other people don’t do (which is fine) and tend to think me rather odd for doing (not so fine but hey ho). Those that are yarn related include

  • seeking out other knitters to meet, knit and talk knitting with
  • buying more yarns despite having several boxes full already
  • making friends on the internets
  • meeting internets friends in real life  (despite this carrying a better than 50/50 chance of being murdered in my bed by a psychopathic maniac)

Explaining that I am combining all of these quirks into one grand day out to UK Ravelry Day has been  ummm interesting.  Luckily my freinds and relayshuns have had time to get used to me and (after some eyebrow-raising and eye-rolling) have graciously agreed to advance me birthday moneys for my RavDay fund.

Less than 2 weeks to go now, I’m getting all ‘cited.   And as my granny used to say (although admittedly usually accompanied by a disapproving sniff), it wouldn’t do if we were all the same.

I’ve said it before

and I’ll no doubt say it again, and it can never be said enough:

I bloody love ravelry

I’ve been swapping again, and received the most amazing box of lurv from my swap partner, including yummy sock yarns cute stitch markers, a squidy bag and a gorgeous hansigurumi octopus.

old maiden aunt shade K1citrus markerssquid baghansigurumi octopus

I love cephalopoda so much, must get around to knitting up the hansigurumi squid pattern I have.

My partner in the same swap has now received her goodies from me and loved them too, and now I can share a couple of small makes I did for the swap.

seaglass pouch
pattern: Deep Sea Flower Dice Bag by Nina Hyland
yarn: oddment of Noro Kureyon

made for swap and various other cats of my acquaintance
pattern: Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse by Meelai
yarn: random oddments

In between the sewing, I have managed to get in some knitting time too, enough to finish son’s bee socks:

bee socks, for Owen
pattern: basic sock, 54 st, leg in k7p1 garter rib
yarn: Opal Rainforest shade 1613 Bee
needles: 2.5 mm dpns

turn the heel on my second bamboo sock and cast on a new pair of socks for DrM. And I am desperate to cast on a pair of Owlings, after meeting Lucyvanp’s cashmere pair at knit night. I have a single ball of alpaca from a swap, and some matching beads.  When my bamboo socks are finished my Owlings are starting.


or more accurately, copy-cthulhu.  I signed up for a Ravelry Rubberneckers Swap, and my swap victim aliseknits likes dice.  Oooh, I know someone who made a geek-tastic glow-in-the-dark dice bag recently, that’s so a good idea.  So I made one too.
dice bag, for aliseknitsdice bag, for aliseknits
pattern: Chthulu Dice Bag by A. A. Leavitt-Reynolds (mods: knit the base smaller and the body over 50 st instead of 70)
yarn: King Cole Fashion Aran in black, Bernat Glow in the Dark in Green Glow (the glow is much more impressive than the picture shows, but it turns out to be really difficult to photograph)

needles: 4 mm

And I received an amazing swap package from CodeCrafter, stuffed full of yarny chocolatey gorgeous goodness, including LittleFreak yarn, a brilliant knitting mag and the cutest project bag that she made herself.
swap box

In other news, my calorimetry love goes on. Friend liked her Christmas one in Kureyon very much and asked if I would do her a more conservatively coloured one for work, which gave me a good way to use up the bit of BfL aran left over from dad’s scarf
chocolate calorimetry, for Topsy
pattern: Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf (96 st, 4.5 mm needles)
yarn: Violet Green Hand-Dyed Bluefaced Leicester Aran in chocolate

And then I realised I want one too, and I haz a ball of Kureyon in the same shades as Vladi’s one, so am knitting that now ….

out with the old, in with the new

my final FO of 2008, finished on 31st Jan Dec, a shawl for my mum who has been in hospital for a bit and looked like she could do with something to keep her shoulders warm while sitting up in bed.
hostipal shawl 2
pattern: La La’s Simple Shawl by Laura Linneman (free ravelry download)
yarn: James C. Brett Marble Chunky in 07 Autumn
needles: 6 mm

…. and the first project I cast on in 2009, salto socks for the Violet Green group’s knit-a-long.
This was the progress I made on the first day. Then I realised I’d mis-read the pattern and had to frog most of it out. I am nearly back to this point now …

is it next year yet?

Am looking forward to tomorrow so that I can cast on for the VGAlong – the Fans of Violet Green Ravelry group‘s first knit along, any VG yarn and/or VG pattern.  I’m going to do Salto socks in soft green Socrates from the stash.  I have everything ready and am itching to start.
KAL supplies

joy of knitting #1

I recently took part in my first swap on ravelry, the ‘Sock Yarn from your Stash‘ swap.  My package from my up-stream partner Sandykins arrived from Sweden yesterday.  As if getting a parcel from overseas with sock yarn in it wasn’t exciting enough, she squeezed so much more loveliness into the box
my first swap-box
The yarn is D-i-C smooshy in ‘Into the mystic’ which will be perfect for monkeys or a boteh.  And a heap of knitting things and treats: bath confetti (yay I love baths), strawberry & rhubarb scented candles (mmm), chocolate hearts (yum), Swedish fruit tea (my Swedish friend will be jealous), Christmas decorations (cute), Addi sock needles (yay), knitters’ thimble (ideal for colour work which I am into right now), little tape measure (fits perfectly into my out-and-about knit-kit), needle holders (perfect to help me keep all my w-i-ps tidy) and a card with a cute sheep magnet on.  Thank you, Sandy xx

water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody

Mark Twain clearly never blocked Noro Kureyon.

I decided to make a calorimetry headwrap as a quick gift for a friend, and thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the Kureyon, a yarn which is [legendary/infamous]* on ravelry. Now, from reading around ravelry about Calorimetry I knew people find it tends to come up big.  But as I’m knitting it for a large man with a lot of hair and I know my tension tends to be a little on the tight side, I thought I’d be OK with the full 120 stitches.  And it was OK, perhaps a little large but certainly wearable by a large man with a lot of hair.  But then I showed it the water.  And got my comeuppance for risking the wrath of  knitting goddesses by ignoring their first commandment ‘Thou Shalt Always Swatch & Wash’.

I washed it very gently in tepid water and ba-boom it grew 15 %.  That’s insane.  I do love the Kureyon colours and I can forgive its eccentric spinning and occasional bits of twig.  But I can’t live with it growing that much with water.  I will use it again for small things like calorimetries and maybe felted things like tea cosies but not any kind of garment with it.

Anyways I frogged the original calorimetry and tried again with a fresh ball of Kureyon.  I went down two needle sizes to get a firmer fabric, and cast on less stitches (96 instead of 120).  After 10% + growth on blocking, it was perfect.  I hope it keeps Vladi’s head warm in the world’s colder trouble zones.
calorimetry, for Vladimir
Pattern: Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf (mods: 96 st & 4 mm needles)
Yarn: Noro Kureyon 52
Needles: 4 mm straight

Calorimetry itself is also [legendary/infamous]* on ravelry.  Some people are incredibly snotty / snarky about popular patterns.  ‘Why oh why does everyone think [pattern x] is so great?‘ they wail ‘am I the only one who has never knitted  calorimetry/clapotis/monkeys?‘ For which read, ‘I am such a superior knitter, vastly more creative, talented and original than you poor sheep‘.   Yes that’s right, I only knit patterns because everyone else does.  Hmm could there be a reason these patterns are so popular?  Is it just possible that people keep making them because they are well written and produce great FOs, rather than just because everyone else is making them too?

* delete as appropriate