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at last

Bauhaus Fair Isle finally finished
pattern: Bauhaus Fair Isle by Mary Jane Mucklestone ; yarn: Dalegarn Falk; ravelry project page

Also known at the Never Ending Fair Isle Jumper of DOOM as it took soooo long to finish. I love knitting fair isle, that wasn’t the problem. Part of the problem was running out of yarn & having to order more. The main problem was how unwieldy I found it to knit in top-down sleeves. The work was so big and heavy, too big and heavy to just do the odd row from time to time. I didn’t even want to get it out unless I had a good chunk of time free to work on it. I think that I would generally rather knit in pieces & seam (now I have finally cracked mattress stitch, seaming holds little fear).

Now to try & knit a Valkyrie Vest before Easter ….




I have a new cardigan, complete with zip.
kool kotton kopy kat kardigan
pattern: improvised; yarn: James C Brett Kool Kotton shade KK12; needles: 3.25 mm & 3.75mm rav project page

I made it up as I went along, trying to copy an old cardigan I already own. One of my favourite features of the old cardigan is the two-way zip. After reading up online and with plenty of virtual handholding, I installed my first-ever zip-in-knitting.
zip bottom zip top
oh and that on my head is my new beret. I have fallen in love with wearing slouchy hats in summer-ish yarns, this latest one is Phannie crocheted from Kool Kotton.


the knitting goddesses have decided to start being kinder to me, and I have been able to make some progress.  As Suse suggested I did some charity knitting, pressing on with a project for a fundraising raffle.  I love how lace looks all ‘meh’ when you’re knitting it but is transformed by blocking into a thing of beauty.  Here is project so far, still very much in the ‘meh’ phase
One more pattern repeat and it will be finished and ready to block.

I’ve finally joined the round on DrM’s fair isle jumper and made some progress. Corrugated rib looks lovely but I hates knitting it. Happily I am now on to the fair isle pattern proper. I loves knitting fair isle.
More blues, I know, but it’s DrM’s favourite. The colours are a little muted for my taste, but perfect for DrM.

As for my other WiPs, I need to cast on for new sleeves for the bamboo lacy thing if I am to have any hope of it being ready for my holidays. I have given up on the idea of wearing a new cotton cardigan this summer.

finished at last

The Never Ending Crochet Blanket of DOOM, it has ended
pattern: Wavy Blanky by Stephanie Gage; yarn: Creative Yarns Style DK; hook: 4 mm

I do love this pattern, it was just a bad decision to make a single bed sized blanket in dk yarn.sock yarn squares If I ever decided to make another blanket, remind me not to use anything thinner than aran weight. Oh except for the sock yarn squares blanket but that is a loooong term project.

Anyway I had much of the blue yarns left over so I made son a matching Manchester City cushion cover. The pattern for a patchwork cushion is from a book, and I used Rhonda White‘s charts for the letters.
pattern: Patchwork Cushion by Jane Crowfoot; letters charted by Rhonda White; yarn: Creative Yarns Style DK; needles: 4 mm

Looking at the flickr bar on the right, I see that all my recent projects have been blue. And so is my main WiP, a lacy(ish) jumper in bamboo tape which I am making up as a I go along based on a jumper I already have.
It’s been a bit stop-start because I don’t always feel up to calculating shapings, so I put it aside and knit something with a pattern instead. It’s not the actual calculations that put me off but the decision making process. With a pattern, someone else has decided where to place the sleeves and what size the neck should be and so on, so I can blame them if I don’t like the end result. But with this jumper I will only have myself to blame. Eep.

finish line

ravthleteI won a nice batch of medals for my winter olympics projects, pictures to follow once the pre-gifting embargo is past.  I had to withdraw hurt from my main event, the WiP Dancing, when I discovered one of my contrasting colours for fair isle was insuffiently contrasting. However I have now finished the WiP in question, my Bohus cardigan. After the steeking, doing the button bands and spending 3 days waiting for it to dry, at last I get to try it on
pattern: Bountiful Bohus by Chrissy Gardiner (from ‘More Big Girl Knits’ or available free online)
yarn: Jamieson & Smith Shetland Aran, shades BSS15, BSS16, SS3

I’m happy with it, but I’m not sure yet whether I love it.  It’s a bit too big, and also the neck line is too wide (despite my adding extra short rows to bring it in.  I’ve decided I don’t like short row neck lines).  I think it’s going to be more of a jacket than a cardigan.

This year is going to be the year of the jumpers, I think. My next big project is a fair isle jumper for Rob. I have half the yarn (Dale Garn Falk) and have been knitting fair isle hats to check my tension
fair isle beanie in dale garn falkFair Isle baby beanie

I’d forgotten how much I love knitting fair isle. Looking forward to buying the rest of the wool next pay day so I can get it cast on.

cutting up my knitting: a blow-by-blow account

Finally the long-dreaded day arrives.  Today is the day I am going to steek my cardigan.

1. This is my proto-cardigan (that extra fabric is where my bewbs will go)

2. That line of red stitching is where I’m going to cut

3. Machine sewing to reinforce the steeks before cutting.

4. Preparing to cut


6. It’s done.

Now just the soul-destroying grind of the button bands to go. After a stiff drink.

life long learning

I took my chemistry-with-hard-sums exam last week.  Now I have no studying for a couple of months, until my next course starts in February (although I may do a little light reading in preparation for it).   Even though my chemistry studies are over for this year, I still have plenty of new things to learn.  I’ve cast on for my bountiful bohus cardigan.  This features a couple of techniques I’ve not done before – short row shaping and steeks.

I have done short rows before, but not for shaping a garment.  The pattern does give some shapings but I’m going to recalculate my own, as well as tweaking other parts of the shaping, using my hard-won mad algebra skillz. If  I can apply the steady state approximation and understand the Langmuir adsorption isotherm then I can damn well work out where to put a couple of bust darts.

Steeks, though! Steeks are a different story.  You want me to cut my knitting?  I think I’d rather derive some more kinetic equations, thanks.  Cut. My.  Knitting! ?  This is terrifying.  But I know lots of knitters who have done it and survived, and they assure me it’s not that difficult but even so, I’m scared.  But ’tis a long way off yet.  I have started with the sleeves, by way of checking my tension calculations (my yarn is knitting up looser than the pattern so I am following the instructions for a smaller size).   I’ve made the sleeves narrower than the pattern has them – I already have one cardigan with big sleeves, don’t really need another.
cardigan sleeve

I did finally finish my summer school shawl, and wore it during my exam – it gets quite cool in the exam hall after 2 or 3 hours sitting still.
bidentate shawl, for mebidentate shawl
pattern: Litla Dimun by Cheryl Oberle (from ‘Folk Shawls‘)
yarn: Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Yarn, shade 1403 (the red is slightly deeper/darker than it shows in these photos)
needles: 4 mm

I love the finished shawl, the Faroese shape really does stay on well. And I love the yarn, in all its crispness and slight roughness. This feels like the kind of shawl my great grandmothers would have worn. Airy lace and softy delicate yarns are good for dressing up, but this is an honest, everyday working shawl.  Although I wear it for working in  the library, rather than the fields or mills.  Ah, which reminds me …
Poetry Society U
I kniktted this ‘U’ for the Poetry Society’s Knitted Poem.  They asked you to tell them your favourite poem.  One of mine is Digging by Seamus Heaney

But I’ve no spade to follow men like them.

Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests.
I’ll dig with it.


Quite a lazy weekend here.  Went to the local World Wide Knit in Public Day yesterday, it was nice to sit and knit in the textiles gallery at the Whitworth, almost felt part of the exhibition.  Made some more progress on my summer chevron
summer chevron wip

Although an MMBSS1 project like this gets boring after a while, I am liking making a jumper top down in the round.  I love that you can try it on as you go, making it easy to tweak the fit.   And of course, there is no seaming waiting for me at the end.  On the other hand, although I’m getting better at working with circular needles, I do miss ‘proper’ knitting on lovely long straight needles.  My next planned project is another green MMBSS jumper but this time worked flat, so back to the trusty straights yay.

Lots of green going on right now, as our teeny ‘veg patch’ on the balcony is coming on.  Thinned some of the salad stuff this afternoon and had fresh salad with our tea.
fresh salad
rocket, chard, beetroot leaves and teeny tiny radishes nom nom nom.

1.  Miles & Miles of Bloody Stocking Stitch

what I did on my holidays

Back from my Easter break to (sometimes) sunny Northern Ireland, visiting the next generation of socks
ewe with triplets

And for the first few days, I got quite a bit of knitting done, making good progress on my decimal. Sadly I then got struck down with some kind of lurgy that left me too wiped out even to knit for 5 days.  I’d just reached where I want the neck shaping to start (much higher up than the pattern writer has it) and decided this would be a good point to check my calculations were right this time by blocking the work so far.
decimal so far
Whoo hoo! Is pretty much perfect, the blocked measurements are just what I wanted them to be.  Another reason for blocking was so I could work out how many stitches to cast on for the sleeves, and I’ve been able to make a start on these while the body is drying.

And now … fanfare ….


Thank you to everyone who visited and commented on the give-away post, and for all the nice words about the pattern. As of today there are 18 comments on the post.  Using the random sequence generator to select the winning post as no. 8 makes  the winner is Barbara.  Congrats Barbara, I’ve left a message on your blog and the yarn will be in the post to you as soon as I get your address.

Doing a give-away was fun, I might have to do it again sometime.

wishful thinking ….

I’ve been looking at More Big Girl Knits this week, planning summer tops with the cotton blend bargains I’ve been scoring.  There are several patterns I really like, but I’m wondering, is it the patterns I’m drawn to or am I secretly hoping that knitting them will turn me into the gorgeous model ….

all photos by Amy Singer