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talking of blogs …

… as we were at the LYS where I’m now working part-time, I had a deeply guilty conscience about ignoring mine. So time to blow the dust off and post a quick update.

For most of January I spun on my drop spindle. Right now I love spindling, I love the simplicity and portability of hte tool as well as its tradition and antiquity. No doubt I will be lusting after a wheel soon enough, but for now I am happy with my drop spindle. OK, spindles, as I now have 3.

Some yarns I’ve spun …
shetland black handspunflat whitebilberryeastlands blues

And some things I’ve knitted from yarns I’ve spun …
bilberry swirlone day handspun mittshandspun swirl

I’ve also had my first go at dyeing yarns but that’s for another post.


spinning yarnz

For the past two years my bff has been threatening to teach me to spin. I couldn’t risk letting her – there was no way I would ever graduate if I got another fibery habit.  But having completed the final course for my degree in October, I found a spindle in my Christmas stocking
new spindle

along with a pair of hand carders and some merino tops. So I spent Christmas day (and many days thereafter) playing with my presents, and eventually (and thanks to various online tutorials and videos), made yarn!


I have already managed to make Real Yarn, plied and everything.  All the tutorials caution new spinners to make sure to add enough twist; I think I took this too much to heart and ended up with very twisty yarn.  But it’s still yarn, and I think I have enough of the green merino for fingerless gloves.
first plied yarntwisty merino handspun
So mostly I have been spinning since Christmas, not much knitting except for sshhh sooper seekrit project for Purl City Yarns design contest).

There was however much knitting and other crafting at the end of last year, here’s a quick catch up on some recent(ish) makes, including Christmas knittings
Christmas & other makes
1. Tavish’s booties, 2. Fagin Gloves, for DrM, 3. beanie, for son, 4. day of the dead bag, 5. Ishbel, for mum, 6. limpetiole, for sis, 7. dolls house shawl, 8. cats’ Xmas present, 9. Lennard-Jones socks, for Ethel