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the inevitable knitting blog post-Christmas Christmas gifts special

Now that Christmas is over and most gifts distributed to their intended recipient I can at last show off the things I’ve been working on for months.  I actually started knitting for Christmas back in the summer (that was my excuse for slacking off studying to knit –  it wasn’t slacking off it was getting ready for Xmas).

As this is going to be long and picture heavy, I’m using the fold so click on ‘more’ if you want to wade through everything my friends and relashuns got for Christmas (apologies for some poor quality pictures due to grabbing last minute shots before wrapping)

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I can make it at home for nothing

Honestly, I am turning into that woman from Goodness Gracious Me (except that I don’t like aubergines). When we are in need of anything household-ey, particularly for storing or carrying things, I am inclined to consider making it myself from yarn.  Exhibit A, a felted peg bag.
felted peg basket

Today we bought son a small hand drum, as he has got into samba drumming on the summer scheme he’s been going to. (I know we may live to regret this, but today I’m in nurturing mum mode – irritably shouting mum will probably be back soon tho). The drum has no carry handles, so ta da! 20 minutes with a crochet hook and an oddment of sari ‘silk’ yarn later …..

drum handles

Shop also sells carrying bags for drums. Guess what I will next be making at home for nothing?