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did I mention …

…. how I can make it at home for nothing? Passed one of the northern quarter’s fine geek emporia while on my way to Abakhan today and saw this in the window
s’not as cute as mine.

Still mostly all about the Christmas knitting at the moment, but it’s nearly over, only a quarter of a scarf left to go.  There has been a little non-Christmas knitting, my neighbour broke her ankle so I’ve made her a festive cast sock from stash oddments

cast sock, for Karina

And once I have the final scarf finished and blocking (hopefully some time tomorrow) I’ll be starting a shawl for mum, hence the trip to Abakhan for more marble chunky.


Gruaniad 1, Murdoch 0

Two days after I contacted them, I’ve had nobbut an automated response from The Times. The Guardian however has been as lovely as a well-meaning Guardian reader like myself could hope. Prompt reply, apology and donation to MSF Burma Cyclone Appeal (in lieu of fee). ‘Doctors without Borders‘ is a charity of choice for Dr Who fans, natch. Likewise for knitters.
Knitters without Borders
And fingers crossed, from this tv interview it’s looking possible that the BBC may let Mazzmatazz’s Adipose pattern see the light of day again one day.

et tu, Gruaniad?

So I went along to our local cafe for knitting group tonight. I was the first there so I was sitting there have a drink and finishing my socks and reading the paper. I opened the Guardian’s G2 section and WTF? There’s my adipose photo.  Again used for commercial purposes without my permission and without acknowledgement.  You’d think picture eds and subs on national newspapers would know better than to use random pictures they find on t’interweb without contacting the photographer first.  Bah bah bah.  I’ve emailed but I’m not expecting a reply, I think this might be a snail mail job.

Anyways knitting group was good, three new people came along, with varying levels of experience.  And between showing people how to do things, I managed to finish the surprise stripes socks yay.  Did the grafting when I got home, they’re in the sink now.

Rupert Murdoch stole my adipose

This adipose pattern business has gone bat-shit crazy. Because some feckers were trying to make a profit off of Mazzmatazz’s original (entirely free, non-commercial and brilliant) knitting pattern, the BBC told her to take it down. Since when there has been a wave of Whovian Knitter Activism, the Open Rights Group has taken up the issue, much publicity has been generated and the story has made the national newspapers.

National newspapers including The Times.
times adipose story
That’s my photo of my crocheted adipose they’ve used to illustrate their story. Without attribution and without my permission. It’s not even a photo of Mazz’s knitted adipose (they’ve cropped my picture and used the wrong bit).

I’m in favour of information and pictures being freely used and shared on a NON-COMMERCIAL basis, with credit to the original creator. That’s why I’m cross the BBC have stopped Mazzmatazz sharing her patterns (and have emailed to tell them so). That’s why I publish my stuff with a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 licence, more to make a statement about free use than because I thought anyone would actually want to use my bobbins content.

And that’s why I don’t want The Times to use my photo, and they have breached my copyright. For one they haven’t credited me. For two, this is clrealy not non-commercial useage. News International is a large for-profit commercial company, they publish their newspapers and websites for commercial purposes and so are using my photo for commercial purposes. They are not in favour of free use of their content, going so far as to disable right-click is disabled on some of their sites.

And for three, I am enough of a child of the 80s that my opinion of Rupert Murdoch and all his works is forever coloured by the Wapping dispute. Like I tell cold callers who ring and try to persuade me to buy The Times or get Sky TV, I haven’t bought the Murdoch press since 1986. And I’m not letting them use my photos either.

what could be cuter than an Adipose baby?

Two Adipose babies, of course.

knitted Adipose & crocheted Adipose

Adipose knitting pattern by Mazzmatazz ; Adipose crochet pattern by me

Son wants a multitude of Adipose and I wanted to try and knit one in addition to the crochet one. I was going to try and invent it myself but then Mazzmatazz published her most excellent pattern. I really enjoyed making this, the construction is very clever (much better than my basic crochet effort). I particularly love the way the fingers and toes are made. Mazz has other Dr Who knitting patterns available, I think I’ll have to make an Oood and the Face of Boe soon. What with Dr Who characters and socks, son is beginning to see the point of all this knitting.

Added 30th April 08: unfortunately Mazz’s Dr Who patterns are not currently available

who are you calling a geek?

adipose baby in dalek cup
To great excitement in our house, the new series of Doctor Who1 started last night. With a new ‘monster’, the Adipose babies. On Dr Who Confidential it explained they were cgi-ed but also they had a couple of knitted ones on set. Ooooh. I have white wool, hmmmm … so after a quick rummage in the oddments box I made one. Crocheted rather than knitted (as it’s quicker and I find it easier to improvise in crochet), I worked on it while we watched the ‘old’ Dr Who & the Daleks episodes.
adipose baby
And yes there’s a pattern of sorts available, in case I am not the only crocheting Dr Who fan around.

Click here for the pdf
Creative Commons License
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License

Added 7th April 08: if you’re looking for a knitting pattern for an Adipose, go here for Mazzamatazz’s pattern
Added 30th April 08: unfortunately Mazz’s pattern is not currently available

1. ‘New’ Dr Who Series 4, Episode 1 Partners in Crime