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second s—– syndrome

Second Sock Syndrome is a well known affliction to strike sock knitters, in which the the sufferer happily completes the first sock but finds themself unable to follow through on the second.  Personally, I have never (yet) been struck down with this debilitating condition.  I do however suffer from the related, less well known Second Sleeve Syndrome.  To ward it off I usually try and knit sleeves two-at-a-time.  This saves no time but does make sure you actually make two sleeves (and the shapings match).

However, because I’m making adjustments to the decimal pattern as I go, I decided against making both sleeves at the same time (frogging back is bad enough but doing it on both sleeves = ugh).  I have the first sleeve complete, now I am grinding my way through the second.  Which feels like it is taking forever, but grind on I must as I am determined to have it finished in time for UK Ravelry Day.

decimal sleeve

In non-knitting news, everybody say ‘awwwwwww’ to our new kitten Sparky