machine knitting


I have been assimilated. My smart phone is now my life support system, which I can’t operate without. It runs all aspects of my life, including my knitting.

Behold, my first android-powered fo – p attern pdf on phone, row counting with rubbish knitter‘s very marvelous county app, notes in everynote. And blog post via wordpress app of course.

I have a tricorder app, where is my jet pack?

Oh, actual knitting info? Pattern is Berry Pie Baby Dress from July 2011 edition of Knit magazine. The magazine featured it in Wild Fire Fibres yarn, so I’ve knit this up as a sample for Vikki, in Tempo & BFL Sock. If you’re going to Woolfest say hi to her.

ravelry project page


2 responses to “machine knitting

  1. wooyay for android assisted knitting! and thanks for the linkings, glad you are enjoying county. You make notes on your phone too? eeeeenteresting *strokes beard, plots*

    that dress is freakin beautiful, please to be making a grown up sized one for me next, kthx

  2. Love the FO – I couldn’t quite see the patterning when it was a WIP but it’s all become clear now!

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