oooh shinies


I am always happy to be distracted by new shinies, whether yarny or booky or techie. Which is why I’m blogging pictures of possum yarns from my new smart phone.


5 responses to “oooh shinies

  1. Ooh it worked really well, the picture quality is great!

  2. this post makes me happy in so many ways.

    yarn and possums and android! yarny androidy possums!

  3. Possum yarn? Hot damn! Can’t wait to visit the shop this summer! Hoping that there will still be little toy alpacas there – wanna get my hands on one of them for sure.

  4. I look forward to petting it next week (if there’s any left!)

  5. Possum! But NZ possum, right? Not like USA possum, which is different.

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