Menten Scarf


I love small shawls worn as scarves, they are perfect for keeping your neck cosy warm. MentenSometimes they are a bit too triangular for me and I wanted a long, shallow triangle rather than a deep one.  So I knitted this one, and wrote up the pattern. It’s knit lengthways in garter stitch, with a simple lace edge, and will show off a lovely variegated or self-striping yarn. This red one is in 4-ply (sock/fingering weight) yarn but you could knit it any weight from 4-ply to aran (I used Arauacania Ranco Multy shade 337 & 3.25 mm needles).

Menten is available as a free ravelry download (if you’re not on ravelry, click here to get the pdf).  Or, next time you’re in Manchester, you can get a paper copy from Purl City Yarns in return for a donation to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami appeal.

22/07/11 updated pattern published, correcting minor errors in original

About Maud Menten

Maud MentenOne of the first women in Canada to qualify as a medical doctor, Maud Leonora Menten (1879 – 1960) is best known for her research into enzyme kinetics.  Together with Leonor Michaelis she developed the Michaelis-Menten equation, a mathematical formula modelling enzyme reaction rates still used by chemists & biochemists.



6 responses to “Menten Scarf

  1. yay! the Port Street Beer House Chain of Shawl Photography!

    turned out proper lovely that did, Maud would be proud

  2. susetheslowknitta

    ooh pretty!

  3. Already downloaded and planning what yarn I can use!

  4. I’d love to knit the menten scarf. can you please send me the pattern by email. thanks rita

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