at last

Bauhaus Fair Isle finally finished
pattern: Bauhaus Fair Isle by Mary Jane Mucklestone ; yarn: Dalegarn Falk; ravelry project page

Also known at the Never Ending Fair Isle Jumper of DOOM as it took soooo long to finish. I love knitting fair isle, that wasn’t the problem. Part of the problem was running out of yarn & having to order more. The main problem was how unwieldy I found it to knit in top-down sleeves. The work was so big and heavy, too big and heavy to just do the odd row from time to time. I didn’t even want to get it out unless I had a good chunk of time free to work on it. I think that I would generally rather knit in pieces & seam (now I have finally cracked mattress stitch, seaming holds little fear).

Now to try & knit a Valkyrie Vest before Easter ….



5 responses to “at last

  1. it’s a masterpiece! I am in awe of it! It fits perfectly too. Please can you make me one next, cheers.

  2. it looks tremendous!! well done you!

  3. I lurves it. Fair Isle purling? No fear!

  4. Gorgeous! Do you have a satin pillowcase you can use next time? Bag up everything but the sleeve you’re working on, and then it slides on your lap as you turn turn turn.

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