talking of blogs …

… as we were at the LYS where I’m now working part-time, I had a deeply guilty conscience about ignoring mine. So time to blow the dust off and post a quick update.

For most of January I spun on my drop spindle. Right now I love spindling, I love the simplicity and portability of hte tool as well as its tradition and antiquity. No doubt I will be lusting after a wheel soon enough, but for now I am happy with my drop spindle. OK, spindles, as I now have 3.

Some yarns I’ve spun …
shetland black handspunflat whitebilberryeastlands blues

And some things I’ve knitted from yarns I’ve spun …
bilberry swirlone day handspun mittshandspun swirl

I’ve also had my first go at dyeing yarns but that’s for another post.


8 responses to “talking of blogs …

  1. Jealous Amy is jealous! And will also be asking for help if you’re not careful! 😀

  2. So impressive! I’ve not managed to approach that amount of knitting in the same time period even with my shop bought corporoyarn!

    Your handspun is beautiful. I love the brown one most (predictably)

  3. Oh I would be in so much trouble working at my LYS part time. I would never make any money. I would totally be working for product alone!

  4. Very nice! I’m happy with my three spindles, too. I don’t want a wheel. Yet.

  5. susetheslowknitta

    cute hats!

  6. How awesome that you work at PCY! That’s one of my go-to’s this summer when I visit. Is there a knit night?

  7. Don’t leave that purple one unatttended…. I’ll swear it has my name on it….

    Look forward to seeing the dyeing : )

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