look where I went today

Purl City Yarns
Purl City Yarns, Manchester’s new LYS, opened today! To much excitement amongst us Mancunian knitters. Until now there has been no proper wool shop in the city centre and we are so happy to have one this amazing.

prettyThere’s a wonderful range of yarns, from reasonably priced workhorses, through designer yarns to fantabulous indie dyed gorgeousness.  Featuring lots and lots of sock yarns om nom nom. And wickedly tempting alpacas – I say wicked because I recently discovered I am allergic to alpaca (sobs). But oh wow the cottons! I’ve never met Austermann Algarve before – that’s some of it over there <—. For some unknown reason most yarn manufacturers produce cottons in “summery” ie pastel/muted/Bor-ING colours. Not Austermann, their cotton comes in a stunning range of colours. 

And there’s more yarny goodness to come – the Malabrigo and Lorna’s Laces and Skeins haven’t arrived yet!

Don’t just take my word for it, rubbish knitter loves it too (plus she has better photos than me).  And so does I dream of crafting – but she’s a bit biased, she works there. Here she is having a hard day at the office.
Even better, visit it yourself next time you’re in Manchester. Or make a special trip. We’ll take you for tea in North Tea Power afterwards if you like.

What was that? What did I buy? Have you seen my stash? Why on earth would I need to buy more yarns? retro OK of course  it turns out I do actually need more yarns (yes need I said, NEED) and came home with this (remarkably restrained, I thought) bag-ful, for Sooper Seekrit Project.


3 responses to “look where I went today

  1. I’m going to drag my mum out with the bairn in the next few days…very excited!

  2. susetheslowknitta

    what a fab shop! I love the cotton colours, they look gorgeous.
    Now that you are not having exams you can spend *days* if not **weeks** in there
    lucky you!

  3. I was there!!!!! I was restrained as well. 🙂 got 2 skeins of Austerman Alpaca silk to make something for my mother, and 2 of Lang Mille Fiame to make the snood that is on display. 🙂

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