I blame Granny G

muffinsbanana nut muffins
Our house has seen an outbreak of baking activity in the past couple of weeks, due to a combination of son watching Great British Bake-Off and me listening to Granny G’s most excellent fibery cakey podcasts.  We’re sort of celebrating me finishing my course and also getting ready for up-coming birthday and fund-raising baking.  And it’s actually pretty quick and easy to turn out a batch of muffins, if you’ve got a food processor and wash up as you go along
chocolate muffinscupcakes

So we’ve made several batches of muffins, including a first wobbly attempt at cupcake icing.  Most are straight out of recipe books but I do have some variations of my own.  Here’s my recipe for today’s special, banana nut muffins.
banana nut muffins


5 responses to “I blame Granny G

  1. You owe me one keyboard. Reason? Liberal application of drool.

  2. For a tutorial on cupcake icing, see Ruth-from-Great-British-bake-off’s blog, the pink whisk. I’m not sure that you need a tutorial, think it’s just practice. Cakes look aces – you knows I loooooove de cake…. My mama says I’m not allowed to bake in her kitchen, but I don’t know how long I can hold off… :o)

  3. Please to be sending me the pink ones second on the right. Frosting, mmmm…..

  4. yumyumyumyumYUUUM! awesome effort.

    i am deffo going to make those banana ones…. i bloody love cake me

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