right as a trivet

I bought my teapot a present from Northern Ireland, so it now has a lovely iron trivet to go with its felted cosy. Not much yarn purchasing happened but lots of other fun stuff did.
Unfortunately I had to miss the trip to the Ulster American Folk Park (had to stay in and finish my homework) but DrM took the camera and somehow thought I might be interested in the string
folk park yarny pics
In between doing homework,visiting family and seeing the sights, I made some progress on my green cardigan and took lots of photos of flowers
My creation
and came perilously close to taking up a new hobby. Derry’s Tower Museum had an amazing display of quilts, and there’s a brilliant quilting shop in the Craft Village.
Loose Threads Quilters
I might have to add quilting to spinning and dressmaking on my list of “crafts I am going to take up if I ever graduate”.


4 responses to “right as a trivet

  1. susetheslowknitta

    some gorgeous wool there, you must have a will of iron to have stayed glued to your studies!

  2. oh! that trivet! it’s for me right? really nice photos of the ‘string” stuff 😉

  3. you are amazing! i spin, and quilt, but am trying to learn to knit. my little sis found your website and is making the evenstar mitts. the first one turned out beautiful. keep up the good work!

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