Revontuli mini shawl finished and blocked and looking lovely, if I say so myself.  Revontuli is Finnish for ‘northern lights’, and the colours of the yarn are like the aurora borealis.
Northern Lights Shawlette
pattern: Revontuli-huivi (Northern Lights) by AnneM – yarn: Regia Hand-dye Effect 06551 – ravelry project page

The plan is for it to be raffled to help raise funds for C to go to the Scout World Jamboree next year.  It’s in Norway so the northern lights theme is most apt (although it will be the wrong time of year to see the lights, they will have the midnight sun instead).

Meanwhile, I am so happy with the shawl I got my neighbour to model it
Northern Lights ShawletteNorthern Lights Shawlette

oh and I just realised I have never blogged about the other shawlettes I’ve made in the past few months. They turn out to be far more useful and practical than I imagined – used as triangular scarves they are awesome.

There was Herbivore, bought as a Help for Haiti pattern, knitted from Mrs Skeins‘ beautiful BfL sock yarn and worn constantly by me until the weather got too warm
herbivore outside
pattern: Herbivore by Stephen West – yarn: Skeins superwash BfL sock yarn – ravelry project page

There was Easter Bandit, for by BFF’s easter gift
pattern: Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn – yarn: Violet Green Solemate in Delphiniums & Cream – ravelry project page

And, saving the best for last, a swallowtail shawl for my sister. I actually finished this year but it was embargoed until her birthday. It’s the first time I have done lace ‘proper’, in lace weight and with nupps and everything. It was pretty challenging but I love the finished object.
swallowtail shawl
pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark – yarn: ‘mystery lace’ – ravelry project page

Shawlettes are the new socks!


4 responses to “aurora

  1. they are all awesome… i am literally in awe of your swallowtail!

    agree about them being really useful too. I was surprised how much I wore my shawlette in winter, i virtually slept in it. I am a total shawlette convert now, and it’s mostly your doing!

  2. Oh Audrey, that looks lovely. On behalf of C, Thank You! Now all we need to do is organize an event at which to sell tix!
    Other than that, I am constantly amazed at the beautiful things you make, but mostly at your ability to finish things.

  3. *whispers* The Jamboree is in Sweden, actually…

    Nice fundraiser, though. I can sell you a Greater London North model bus?

  4. Love your Revontuli!

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