the knitting goddesses have decided to start being kinder to me, and I have been able to make some progress.  As Suse suggested I did some charity knitting, pressing on with a project for a fundraising raffle.  I love how lace looks all ‘meh’ when you’re knitting it but is transformed by blocking into a thing of beauty.  Here is project so far, still very much in the ‘meh’ phase
One more pattern repeat and it will be finished and ready to block.

I’ve finally joined the round on DrM’s fair isle jumper and made some progress. Corrugated rib looks lovely but I hates knitting it. Happily I am now on to the fair isle pattern proper. I loves knitting fair isle.
More blues, I know, but it’s DrM’s favourite. The colours are a little muted for my taste, but perfect for DrM.

As for my other WiPs, I need to cast on for new sleeves for the bamboo lacy thing if I am to have any hope of it being ready for my holidays. I have given up on the idea of wearing a new cotton cardigan this summer.


4 responses to “progress

  1. susetheslowknitta

    it might look meh just now, but what lovely colours!

  2. the shawl is lovely, and the fair isle jumper!! I am in awe… just stunning!

  3. The fair-isle jumper looks fan-tas-tic. I just started to knit the same pattern for my husband. And I also hate that rib-pattern. Grrr.

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