does anyone know how to placate the knitting goddesses?

I got over confident and they decided to teach me some humility

  • I finished my bamboo jumper and had a whole long post written about it, just awaiting the photos once it dried. Only, I then realised the sleeves were Way Too Long and, after attempting a shortcut to fix them and making things worse, I am going to have to knit them again
  • on a camping trip I needed a simple knit, so I cast on for a stocking stitch cardigan.  When we got home, with about a third of it knitted, I realised my tension square had lied to me and I had to frog it all
  • it took me so many attempts to join a round of 264 stitches for a fair isle jumper, I was on the verge of deciding to knit the damn thing flat (and yes you can knit fair isle flat, I did it many times before discovering these new fangled circular needles)

I have acknowledged the error of my ways. The bamboo jumper is set to one side for now, until I can face re-knitting the sleeves.  The cardigan has been started over, and this time should bear some relation to the size I want it to be.  The fair isle jumper is now cast on in an non-Mobius stylee and a few rounds knit.


4 responses to “does anyone know how to placate the knitting goddesses?

  1. Don’t quite know how to appease, but I think I have also made the world’s biggest gauge swatch…and will have to frog it all because the swatch lied.

  2. susetheslowknitta

    I think knitting something for charity is probably the way forward, whip up a hat for Shelter or something like and perhaps, just perhaps Purlia and Caston will relent

  3. ah, good idea Suse. I have a half-knit shawlette which is for a fund raiser, I will do my penance for trying to knit for myself by dragging it from the bottom of the knitting bag and finishing it off.

  4. Light a big fire. Find an old ball of nasty acrylic. Skip round the fire backwards three times chanting ‘penance! i seek penance, goddesses!’ Chuck the acrylic onto the fire and watch it go WHOOSH. Hold your needles with arms outstretched above your head while the fire burns. When the last embers have died down and the yarn is charred to ashes it is safe to cast on again.

    Major knitting offences, like saying I AM TEH_BEST KNITTAH, BETTAH THAN YOU GODDESSY TYPES will require more hardcore sacrifices, like maybe a ball of merino. If you said this, then attempted to design something in lace, you are in serious trouble and probably need to have a skein of something hand-dyed ready for your burnt offering.


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