vote early, vote often

It’s UK election day, which means I’ll be staying up long into the night as the results come in.  It won’t be fun but it should be interesting.  I have made up my mind on the most important decision of the day, what to knit as the results roll in.  It needs to be something simple and mindless; my current wip is a lacy jumper, and although the lace is simple and I have the pattern memorised, I don’t think it will cope with the tiredness and gloom and shouting at the telly and tweeting and endless cups of tea.  I going to get on with the Never Ending Crochet Blanket of DOOM, it is mind numbingly simple and will keep me warm too.

More posting soon, hopefully.  I have been knitting, as you can see from the flickr stream over there —->, and will get round to writing a bit about it sometime.  In the mean time, if you have a vote in the UK election, use it and use it wisely.


2 responses to “vote early, vote often

  1. I hope the election is going in a way you like, and I hope you’ve stayed warm and haven’t shouted yourself hoarse.

    (I have a rolled brim hat I named Yes We Did for the election night I spent making it.)

  2. susetheslowknitta

    I hadn’t even planned on my knitting!!- I’ll just crack on with my landgirls top I think

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