competetive knitting

The Winter Olympics are here and so with them, another Ravelympics.  contrast-failYay. I’m hoping to complete two projects during the games to get my medals.  I’ve entered my bohus cardigan (aka the never ending cardigan of doooom) in the WiP Dancing event in the hopes of getting it finished, but it’s looking touch and go.  I was making OK progress and got as far as the colour work on the yoke.  And then realised that one of my contrasting colours is insufficiently contrasting.  I’ve ordered a differnt colour, fingers crossed it arrives from Shetland soon.  In the mean time I have been fretting about the inevitable steeking that lies ahead, fretting about it on the J&S ravelry group and getting some expert guidance.  Still terrified.

My other ravelypics project is a pair of socks, entered in multiple events – Sock Hockey (obv), Stash Compulsory Dance (using long-neglected stash) and now also the Designer Original Dance (having tried and failed to find an existing pattern that doesn’t fight with my chosen yarn).  I’m pretty hopeful of getting these done, at least (but photos will have to wait as they are a gift).


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