I finished my hat and gloves for the Big Issue knitting event
patterns: glittens – improvised; hat – Turn a Square by Jared Flood
yarn: King Cole Fashion Aran (blue) & Patons Diploma Gold Aran (purple)

I’ve been wearing glittens myself during the winter and love how handy it is to be able keep your fingers warm most of the time but have them free when you need, eg to use a camera.   I thought the same would apply if you’re standing around outside selling the Big Issue, you’d want to have cosy hands but still be able to handle money.  The hat is the first Turn a Square I’ve made and I love it, I can see this becoming my default basic beanie pattern.

The colour scheme was accident not design.  These are two of my favourite inexpensive arans (although the Paton’s has now been discontinued, unfortunately), soft, hard wearing, machine washable.  I had part balls of each and wasn’t sure if there was enough of either for the glittens, hence the stripes.  It was only when I was half way through the first one I realised I need to hope for a Big Issue seller who is a Burnley fan.  Or West Ham, Aston Villa, Port Vale, Scunthorpe or even the bluagranas themselves, Barcelona.  Or just someone who has no interest in foopball but wants warm head and hands.


4 responses to “blaugrana

  1. how lovely! they look ace, what a lovely treat for a cold homeless person. I might have to get your glittens pattern off you some time, I only have mittens, and consequently tend to fumble and drop things a lot..

  2. Is the idea for the ipod ones that the thumb can be uncovered while leaving the fingers done up? If so, sounds like what I need for my handheld device. Drop me a line if you need a test knitter.

    • my idea is flip top mittens with flip top thumb, too (I think for iphone you need forefinger and thumb free?) but of course you could knit normal gloves with just the flip top thumb.

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