Sorry it’s been so quiet hereabout lately, a combination of viruses (several minor ones in quick succession) and the Christmas Knitting have left me without much to post about.

The Christmas knitting is nearly finished (only 1.5 hats to go), I’ll be sharing photos & details after the 25th. I don’t think anyone who is likely to receive a knitted gift from me actually reads this blog, and I know none of them are on ravelry, but it still feels wrong to post pictures of gifts before giving them. When I was a kid my mum always told me it was wrong to read a book you’d bought to someone else, or try out a toy or listen to a cd, or whatever, before you’d given the gift. Posting pcitures woudl feel like playing with the gift before giving it.

One thing I can post is this hat from the Woolly Wormhead knit-a-long. It was meant to be a gift for an adult, who is petite and unlikely to appreciate a very slouchy hat, so I chose the smallest size. Sizing fail, no way will it fit an adult woman but fortunately it looks adorable on on a 6 year old.

Mayrose, for Laura
pattern: Mayrose by Woolly Wormhead
yarn: King Cole Mirage, shade 866 Georgetown

Work on my bohus cardigan and son’s blue blanket has been on hold for the Christmas knitting, but I’m looking forward to have a Big Push on the cardigan over Christmas. In other news, I got my Open University results and have passed all my courses this year (2 summer schools + chemistry with hard sums), which leaves me with one more course to do, to complete my molecular science degree.


3 responses to “ssssssh

  1. yay, congrats on the exams! have a nice christmas and stuff if i don’t speak to you before, i am too useless to have sent you a card

  2. congrats on the exam results!!

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