yoga for the mind

Whenever I see someone frazzled, overwhelmed, and upset, I always feel bad if they don’t have any knitting. I feel sure that the tangible, even progress of knitting would make anybody feel better. (However, so far my attempts to give upset people some yarn, needles and a knitting lesson have been less than successful. Maybe my timing is off).

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the Yarn Harlot)

OK so I’ve never actually done yoga for the body, but I do know that knitting can calm and centre a troubled mind.  Knitting has been very comforting and soothing to me in difficult times.  This weekend, we were visiting my son’s friend who was recently badly hurt in a car accident (he’s going to be fine tho, yay). About this time last year, his mum was inspired to take up the needles again when she saw me making a fake isle hat, and I’ve been happily enabling encouraging her since then.  She was telling me how glad she was to have her knitting with her while she was by her son’s bed in the hospital, it gave her something to do and focus on, and she found it like a meditation.

Helping people learn/relearn how to knit can bring such unexpected benefits.


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