what I did on my holidays

We had a great camping holiday in Pembrokeshire in August.  Of course there was knitting on the beach

and by the campfire

and a visit to some lovely angora goats
Blueberry Angoras shade card

And I became slighly obsessed with blanket making.  The people in the neighbouring tent had blankets to keep them warm round the campfire and we had none.  Which is clearly wrong, for a knitter’s family not to have cosy blankets.  So when we got back I used up some of my oddments for a crazy cat lady kind of blanket
crazy cat lady blanket

Now that’s finished, son wants one of his own in blues.  Plus, I have finally got around to starting making squares for a sock yarn oddments blanket.
sock yarn squares

Oh and my summer chevron that I finished ages ago, I loves it. It turns out to be perfect for holidays and got lots of wear
caught the sun
pattern: Summer Chevron by Audrey Eschright (from “More Big Girl Knits”) (with heavy modification, see my ravelry notes)
yarn:  Patons UK Vintage, shade 07008 acidic
needles: 5 mm


3 responses to “what I did on my holidays

  1. love the ripple afghan!!

    I made one for the baby but I keep stealing it for myself so may have to make another. It just seems like the nicest way to use up scrap yarn by about eleventy billion miles.

    awesome campfire knitting pic too

  2. a campfire, a proper campfire!! wow!
    love the knitting, you have the blankie for next year, and the chevron top is fab too.

  3. thanks Suse & RK

    the campsite is brilliant, lets you have a proper fire, gives the kids tractor rides, aces

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