summer school

One week of summer school down, one to go. Obviously an important part of my preparations was deciding which knitting to bring – when you’re going to be away from home for two weeks, with evenings alone  in your room, you have to have plenty of projects to hand.

Just before I came away, I cast on for a Faroese shawl (Litla Dimun from Folk Shawls).  Faroese shawls are traditionally knit from the bottom up, so the pattern starts ‘cast on 421 st’.  Eep.  But at least the number of stitches will decrease as the shawl grows, so it should get quicker.  Which was no consoloatino when I spotted a mistake in the lace pattern a few rows down, and am going to have to frog 3 rows of 400+ st.  Boo hoo.

So I have set the shawl aside for now (for ‘set aside’ you could read ‘shoved into a bag in disgust’) and cast on some socks instead – Hallows & Horcruxes pattern by Kate from Green Eyed Monsters, using the Old Maiden Aunt yarn I got in a swap.

And it hasn’t been all work and no play.  Friday afternoon was free so my bff came over and led me astray in the yarn shop, the second hand book shops, the cocktail bar and best of all, the button shop.  York has the most amazing button shop, Duttons for Buttons.  If you are ever in York, go.  It’s button heaven.

duttons interior


3 responses to “summer school

  1. oooh preeeetty buttons! Glad you’re having fun…

  2. That’s a lot of buttons! Looks like fun.

    Are you able to drop a stitch down where your lace mistake is, and hook it back up? That would save you a lot of tinking or frogging!

  3. there is some study involved, yeah? other than studing Duttons stock files and scoffing Yorkshire Fat Rascals at Betty’s?
    enjoy! I love York too!

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