Quite a lazy weekend here.  Went to the local World Wide Knit in Public Day yesterday, it was nice to sit and knit in the textiles gallery at the Whitworth, almost felt part of the exhibition.  Made some more progress on my summer chevron
summer chevron wip

Although an MMBSS1 project like this gets boring after a while, I am liking making a jumper top down in the round.  I love that you can try it on as you go, making it easy to tweak the fit.   And of course, there is no seaming waiting for me at the end.  On the other hand, although I’m getting better at working with circular needles, I do miss ‘proper’ knitting on lovely long straight needles.  My next planned project is another green MMBSS jumper but this time worked flat, so back to the trusty straights yay.

Lots of green going on right now, as our teeny ‘veg patch’ on the balcony is coming on.  Thinned some of the salad stuff this afternoon and had fresh salad with our tea.
fresh salad
rocket, chard, beetroot leaves and teeny tiny radishes nom nom nom.

1.  Miles & Miles of Bloody Stocking Stitch


2 responses to “growth

  1. you’re flying along with that top!

    mmm nice salad. Doing a lot better than my radish shaped snailfood down the allotment, I had a crop of one single radish about 1cm long today… boo

  2. The salad looks yummy, especially the radishes.

    So you prefer straights? I like them more then circulars.

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