little things …

I love shade cards, they make me happy. I don’t know why, exactly. Perhaps it is the siren call of new yarn? And also childhood memories, I remember my mum choosing yarn from shade cards.  Anyway, I was pleased to pick up some shade cards at Ravelry Day.
shade cards
A major drawback of ordering yarn on-line is the unreleability of computer monitors’ colour representation. Is not a big problem for one hank of sock yarn (not a big cost and even if you hate it when it arrives, it’ll do someone else) but it is a gamble ordering a jumper’s worth sight unseen. And while I do support my local LYSs, they can’t always meet my colour/weight/content/price needs on a particular project (and distance buying is not a new phenomenon, my mum bought wool by mail order in the 70s).

Now I have the Jamieson & Smith cards I can order from them knowing the colours I’m getting. Am looking forward to my Ravelry Day order arriving from Shetland soon; the colours I’ve bought are indicated on the photo above.


3 responses to “little things …

  1. Do you find the yarns are in stock long enough that the sample cards remain useful for a significant amount of time? If that question makes sense. (NancePance)

  2. i love them too. Mr Rubbishknitter says I’m like a stoner with them – I just sit and stroke them for ages and dribble a bit on my favourite colours.

    i have ones for wensleydale longwool sheepshop and new lanark if you ever want to borrow them (i’ve wiped the dribble off now, they’re fine)

  3. I have the New Lanark one too 🙂

    I have to admit, I haven’t actually used them to order with yet! But the ones I have are from fairly conservative / traditional yarn companies, I don’t imagine they change their shades with the whims of fashun.

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