didn’t we have a lovely time

at UK Ravelry Day? Yes we did! I had such fun meeting & making knitting friends, having tea & cake (and later, wine & ice cream sundaes) while knitting and talking knitting. Old friends, new friends, Manchester friends, internet friends, … it was great to sit and chat and knit with so many lovely people.

Oh and the shopping! A bit of rain wasn’t going to come between us knitters and stash enhancement opportunities. And there were many opportunities, even if the alpaca was all off-limits to me.
wet alpacas

I did go with a wish-list (and having given myself a strict talking too about not spending all my money on sock yarn) and met so many lovely yarns it was hard to choose. In the end I came home with
rav day haul
Clockwise from top left:

And …. also placed an order with Jamieson & Smith, which is coming by post – a jumper’s-worth of Shetland aran for a Bountiful Bohus cardigan.  I am kind of wondering at the crazy of knitting a project that is steeked (!) out of wool that felts if you look at it but the Shetlanders have been doing it for a long time and it seems to work out for them.  And I met knitters on Saturday who assure me steeks are nothing to fear, so I am going for it.

Oh and I got the buttons for the cardigan too, from the Textile Garden stall.  It was 3 deep all day, their button selection is teh awesum!

and possibly best of all … I got my own real, genuine ravelry badge!
Hello my name is audreym


One response to “didn’t we have a lovely time

  1. hooray for ravelry day!

    steeking is so hot right now. Srsly, machine washing things is soooo 2008. (Unless the machine is on the coldest possible setting with the lowest possible spin so that dipping the garment in a river would be about as effective)

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