sari for lack of posting recently, but here’s updates on some current projects:

Granite Socks

granite socks, for Rob
pattern: Baby Cable Rib by Charlene Schurch (from Sensational Knitted Socks)
yarn: Regia Line Steps Color shade 5371 Granite
needles: 2.5 mm bamboo dpns

Finished at last, after being on the needles for over 2 months.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken so long to complete a pair of socks, they were sidelined by the pressures of various presents.  I like this pattern and will probably make it again, good for man socks (just don’t tell them the name of the stitch pattern has ‘baby’ in it).

GM Mouse

gm mouseSparky kills the Giant Mouse

pattern: based on Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy by Meelai
yarn: Patons UK Spirit, shade 4503 Bracken
hook: 5 mm

Because Sparky seemed to like playing with soft toys as big as himself

Shap Blue Socks

wild knitting

We went to Rivington again this weekend and I got some knitting done under a tree in the Japanese garden.


Body & sleeves finished, now just the button bands to do (ugh) and the sleeves to seam (once I’ve learned mattress stitch).  I have gnawing doubts about the fit but won’t find out until it’s all blocked …. fingers crossed.


3 responses to “progress

  1. like the granite socks

  2. great socks and Sparky is so funny

  3. awesome socks and kitten.

    knitting a jumper just wouldn’t be the same without being constantly consumed by gnawing doubts about the fit… it’s half the fun! :/

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