we need to talk about ‘normal’

So, this whole normal thing …. there are some things I like to do that I acknowledge other people don’t do (which is fine) and tend to think me rather odd for doing (not so fine but hey ho). Those that are yarn related include

  • seeking out other knitters to meet, knit and talk knitting with
  • buying more yarns despite having several boxes full already
  • making friends on the internets
  • meeting internets friends in real life  (despite this carrying a better than 50/50 chance of being murdered in my bed by a psychopathic maniac)

Explaining that I am combining all of these quirks into one grand day out to UK Ravelry Day has been  ummm interesting.  Luckily my freinds and relayshuns have had time to get used to me and (after some eyebrow-raising and eye-rolling) have graciously agreed to advance me birthday moneys for my RavDay fund.

Less than 2 weeks to go now, I’m getting all ‘cited.   And as my granny used to say (although admittedly usually accompanied by a disapproving sniff), it wouldn’t do if we were all the same.


3 responses to “we need to talk about ‘normal’

  1. hello from a psychopathic maniac! *waves*

    i know what you mean. When my non-knitting friends hear me mention buying yarn or going to knitting group they give me an awww and a wrinkly nosed smile usually reserved for when the dog does something cute. I think most of my friends think that becoming a parent has made me go directly to grannyhood without pausing to act like a mother in between. Ah well. I happen to think that absorbing to the point of mildly obsessive hobbies are a good thing…. no really… 🙂

    looking forward to uk ravelry day too – hooray, it’s nearly here!

  2. Yes, we are all homicidal maniacs. Grr arrgh.

    Must admit, though: when I think about sock yarn crazies and their super craziness, I think the bemused onlookers may have a point. Though it hasn’t come to murdering people in their beds…yet.

  3. you should be excited , you’re going to have a fab time, though I didn’t realise that you would all be getting into bed together….
    who wants to be normal anyway?

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