second s—– syndrome

Second Sock Syndrome is a well known affliction to strike sock knitters, in which the the sufferer happily completes the first sock but finds themself unable to follow through on the second.  Personally, I have never (yet) been struck down with this debilitating condition.  I do however suffer from the related, less well known Second Sleeve Syndrome.  To ward it off I usually try and knit sleeves two-at-a-time.  This saves no time but does make sure you actually make two sleeves (and the shapings match).

However, because I’m making adjustments to the decimal pattern as I go, I decided against making both sleeves at the same time (frogging back is bad enough but doing it on both sleeves = ugh).  I have the first sleeve complete, now I am grinding my way through the second.  Which feels like it is taking forever, but grind on I must as I am determined to have it finished in time for UK Ravelry Day.

decimal sleeve

In non-knitting news, everybody say ‘awwwwwww’ to our new kitten Sparky



6 responses to “second s—– syndrome

  1. yoohoo Sparky!!
    If the UK RAV day doesn’t spur you on nothing will!

  2. decimal and sparky are both looking lovely.

    i’m sure you’ll speed through the second sleeve…

  3. Somehow I knew the s—– would stand for sleeve…

    Awww Sparky is too adorable for words. He seems very concerned by this camera lens thing, a bit of a furrowed brow there.

  4. Awwwww, Sparky is awwwwfully cute!

  5. Awwww, look at the KITTEN! Please to be snorgling him for me.

  6. annatestadoro

    I loved your post, I have that same problem with anything that requires two (not socks, surprisingly). I hope you get it done for the UK Ravelry day!

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