carrot & stick

Last week, my bff dragged me to the wool shop against my will and made me buy yarn to make myself a decimal cardigan from the new knitty.  All the kewl kids are making one and it’s not surprising – at last, a pattern for a cardigan that isn’t a shapeless A-line thing that makes even slim girls look pregnant.  And it’s sized for more traditionally built girls, too.  Is perfect (with the odd tweak).  Determined not to repeat the tension disaster of my last cardigan I’ve checked my tension, measured, calculated, all that grown up sensible knitter stuff I usually ignore.

But then, a mad busy work storm over the past few days.  Oh noes.  I had to suffer a self-imposed knitting ban.  To get me through it, I promised myself that when all was over I could cast on my decimal.  By way of encouragement, I pinned the tension swquare above my desk.  I even took it with me to my presentation.
tension square
And now, all is done, and I am cast on.  Although, I am struggling with these new-fangled circular needles, wondering if  I can fit 200+ stitches on a good ol’ straight …

Oh yes, the yarn, is James C Brett pure merino. Is a glorious royal purple, makes me think of Perkin’s mauveine.


5 responses to “carrot & stick

  1. that is a gorgeous colour! looking forward to the FO!

  2. Ooh, love the color. This is going to look so great! I trust you’ve read Mauve: How one man invented a color that changed the world?

  3. I have ‘Mauve’ sitting in my ‘to read’ pile (right after ‘Marie Curie: A life’). And I’ve made aniline dyes, although not mauveine itself

  4. The color is gorgeous. And I’m looking forward to hearing tales of the sweater and then finally seeing photos of it.

    And kudos for your good taste in religious iconography! Or posters. Whichever you want to call that. LOL!

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