I have a big project on at work that must be finished this week.  So obviously this is an ideal time to blog about some recent knitting progress.

Odessa is a great pattern and goes up quickly. I know pretty much exactly how long it took me to make this one for Mel – one round trip to my parents’ (2 x 90 mins) plus two 6 Nations matches (2 x 90 mins, yay for Ireland and boo for England).
odessa hat,  for Mel
pattern: Odessa by Grumperina (available as a free ravelry download)
yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite 2032

and then on Sunday I made good progress on my undulating rib socks while watching a third 6 Nations match (let’s not talk about Scotland mmkay?). Have the first one finished now and am love love loving the vibrant greens of this VG solemate (shade = Chameleon). In fact am very loving greens in general right now, maybe it’s a spring thing?
bamboo sock


3 responses to “procrastiknition

  1. I just love Odessa – I keep meaning to make one, but really have little need for hats where I am! LOL

  2. Those socks are fantastic! Love that green.

  3. fantastic stuff! I can’t knit while watching the rugby- I get too confused!

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