because it’s there

For the first 25  or so years of my knitting life, I was content with the skills I learnt from my mum and the odd book.  It’s not that I stuck to simple things – I did cables and fair isle and intarstia – but I didn’t try new or different ways of doing things.  Mostly I didn’t know there were different ways of doing things. Until I took up knitting again with a vengeance a couple of years ago  and discovered the knitting internets, I genuinely did not know that there was any other way to knit than the way I was taught (which I now know is ‘English’ style).  I had no idea there were so many different ways to cast on and cast off, and I’d never knit in the round.

Now I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques when I need them.  I’ve learnt new cast ons and cast offs, become a sock addict, taught myself to crochet, read lace and cable charts, learnt different ways to increase and decrease, and more.  But one thing I’ve never done is entrelac.  I just don’t particularly like the effect and so have had no desire to knit anything in it.  Then last week, someone brought along a hand-knit entrelac cardigan to knitting group and asked how it was done.  And while I could seen in principle how it must be done, I had to confess I didn’t know exactly.

Well now I do, for I have knit this entrelac tea cosy.

entrelac tea cosy

pattern: improvised, first two sets knit in the round, middle section knit flat with decreases, top section knit in the round, I-cord loop
yarn: ancient dk acrylic from stash
needles: 4 mm

Can’t see me wanting to knit entrelac again, all that going back and forward and picking up stitches is a right pain and I don’t like the effect enough for it to be worth it.  But at least I now know how it’s done and the cafe where we have our knit nights has a new tea cosy.  Actually they have 3 new cosies because I fell out with my current wip socks and wanted some simple makes, and because it seemed to me that a cafe that’s often full of knitters really should have knitted tea cosies

strawberry cosy
pattern: Strawberry Tea Cosy by Katya Frankel (available as a free ravelry download)
yarn: stash acrylic dk, used doubled

bobble cosy
pattern: improvised, crocheted in treble crochet (US = double crochet), retro-fitted with bobbles
yarn: stash acrylic dk, used doubled


3 responses to “because it’s there

  1. I love entrelac, and your tea cosy is cute! Entrelac is a lot quicker if you learn to purl back backwards (don’t turn the work). Still, not everyone’s cup of tea. And your strawberry cosy, very cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m impressed by the entrelac tea cosy – it looks like you were decreasing the number of stitches in each panel as well. Very clever.

  3. fantastic cosies! wow! and wow again!

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