I’ve been here and I’ve been there

in me Joy Division oven gloves

Joy Division oven gloves
pattern: make large mittens in thick black yarn; embroider approximation of Unknown Pleasures album cover in thinner white yarn (please note,  purely ceremonial, I wouldn’t recommend putting your fingers in the fire with them on)
Joy Division oven glovesJoy Division oven glove

And why would anyone make such things?  To wear to the Half Man Half Biscuit gig on Friday, of course.  And I’m not the only one.  See you there, RubbishKnitter!


3 responses to “I’ve been here and I’ve been there

  1. they’re superb! Great job! I contemplated Unknown Pleasures for mine, but decided my embroidery skills weren’t up to it. Looking forward to the gig very much, haven’t been out of the house for a social event for quite possibly the whole of 2009 so far. I will be the one drunk after half a pint lying on the floor wearing protective handcoverings 🙂

  2. Love them – hope you both didn’t get trampled…or if you did then it was just your well protected hands! x

  3. Oh. My. God. These are brilliant. Incredible.

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