sock fail

so, I frogged my Salto socks.  I tried them on after turning the first heel and had to face the fact they were just too small for my traditionally-built calves.  I will definitely make them again, either on larger (2.75 mm) needles or adding stitches,  and also shorten the leg.

Played my joker for the VG-along instead, my frosted berries hat.   I did originally cast this on before the KAL start date but have frogged it back a couple of times and the final version was only cast on after 1st Jan.  The original pattern uses two strands of yarn (one ‘plain’ and one kidsilk haze) but I just used one strand of variegated BFL.  I love how this stitch pattern works with variegated yarns, it really shows them off  (and stops pooling).
frosted berries hat, for me
pattern: Dusted Hat by Evi T’Bolt (96 st)
yarn: hand-painted Blueface Leicester Aran by Violet Green
needles: 4 mm

Oh and now that my mum has escaped from hospital and got home to open her Christmas presents, I can finally share her Christmas socks (which she says she loves but ‘they’re too good to wear’).
reason monkeys, for Mum
pattern: Monkey by CookieA
yarn: Stroud Supersock in ‘Reason’ Violet Green
needles: 2.5 mm

My current W-i-P is the Chapeau Marnier for a friend.  It’s in the round and I’m two rounds in and already hating the circular needle I’m using.  I hate it when the stitches ‘snag’ at the join between the needle and the cord.  Am in That London later this week and hoping iKnit have addis in the right size in stock ….


4 responses to “sock fail

  1. Lovelovelove the hat! Pretty stitch and gorgeous yarn.

    Tell your mum that socks, like dishcloths, do not achieve their maximum beauty until they are used/worn, even if only for lounging socks.

  2. If IKnit don’t have the Addis, then I got some mail order from Stash in Chester which arrived the day after I phoned them.
    I’ve found a shop in Berlin that sells both Addis and Knit Picks. I was very impressed with myself, managing to go in, buy a needle and get out without buying any yarn. I confidently forecast this phase will not last 🙂

  3. It must be catching, I managed to get in and out of iKnit without buying any yarn (even though I literally tripped over the Harry Potter sock yarn). Got the needle I wanted at iKnit but thanks for the tip, will remember that in future.

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