peace at last

After much pattern browsing on ravelry and what I am choosing to call swatching rather than started and abandoned attempts, I finally worked out what to do with about the Scarf of Doom.  I’m using the Ruggles #1 Original Scarf pattern and am liking the way it’s looking so far.  I am still dithering about the width but am not starting over again so the width it is now is the width it will be (I think it will turn out about 22 cm unblocked and 27 cm blocked and if you don’t think that’s a good width for a scarf for a large  –  6 ft tall – man, please don’t tell me).

Now I have to leave my knitting and go out into the big bad cold world to buy those few presents I can’t knit or buy on Amazon.  But before I go, reading Yarn Harlot’s post reminded me I have someone else to buy for (which I can do easily online)

Imagine that your family, however big or small it is, gets another member. A baby is born, someone marries, it happens all the time. Now, naturally…as is the case when someone is added to a family, they are welcome at your winter festivities and they will be fed and receive a gift (or, in the case of many of our families, multiple gifts.) When a new family member is added, no-one declines to feed them because you can’t afford it, no-one refuses to buy them a birthday or holiday gift because the family is big enough. You spend a little less on each other person, you spread your budget around, maybe if you’re really broke you make them a card… but you make it work.

The challenge is to imagine this person has been added to the list of people you care for in some way, and to give their share to my favourite good guys, Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders.

In short, and to the best of your ability, I want you to include MSF/DWB and the people they help to your family

More about Knitters without Borders


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