Scarf of Doom

My knitting mojo has deserted me, for I have foundered on the Scarf of Doom.

I am trying to knit a scarf for my dad for Christmas.  After extensive discussions with my sister (my dad being rather particular about his likes and dislikes) I settled on a colour and bought the perfect yarn.  But selecting the right pattern has been a nightmare.  I want something a little more special than plain ribbing and of course ravlery is full of beautiful looking scarves but when you look closely, surprisingly few of them are reversible. It’s a personal thing but me, I don’t much like a scarf with a wrong side.  And many of them curl unless blocked severely.  I can do that the first time of course, but I can’t expect mum to block dad’s scarf every time it’s washed; plus I’ve noticed a tendency of even blocked scarves to curl when damp.  So no wrong sided curling patterns would suit.

So it’s going to be reversible cables, I think.  But again, none of the patterns on rav are exactly what I’m looking for so I’m going to have to improvise.  I might even use moss stitch1. I don’t like moss stitch. Or rather, I love how it looks, elegant and (of course) reversible. But I hate knitting it. Bah. Did I mention my dad is picky?

1. this may be ‘seed stitch’ to you


One response to “Scarf of Doom

  1. I have a similar issue with wrong sided scarves! I think more designers should be applying themselves to this problem!

    Good luck with the scarf!

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