my clapotis is full of fail

I finished my great big clapotis.  I love the colours, I love the pattern, but the finished shawl/wrap just doesn’t work.  I think I’ve made it too big, it won’t sit right on me.

Because of the shape it is (parallelogram rather than rectangular), it was hard to know when it was long enough, and now it’s too long.  I’ve added buttons, which help but don’t solve the problem. So I will have to rip out the end and do it again, but not right away.  Am going to set it to one side for now and get back to the Christmas knitting.

clapotis, for me
clapotis, for meclapotis button

pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
yarn: James C. Brett Marble Chunky shade 03 Wild Field
needles: 1 x 6 mm + 1 x 5.5mm (because I couldn’t find a pair of 6mm)


5 responses to “my clapotis is full of fail

  1. It does seem very long, but it is very very pretty! I still haven’t ever made a clapotis…I’m tempted!

  2. The buttons look good though!

  3. wow… it’s gorgeous! It would be a bit of a crime to frog any of that. Can’t you just use it as a blanket instead? Tis the season for sprawling on the sofa after all 🙂 Or a bedspread maybe?

  4. Oh I’m not going to frog it all, just shorten the end so that it’s actually useable

  5. I love that mine’s so huge. It makes a fantastic scarf, head cover, shoulder wrap, shawl, mini-blanket, etc. Keep it the way it is! It may surprise you.

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