election night knitting

I hope any of you US knitters standing in one of those interminable queues have your knitting to keep you amused while waiting. Happy voting x

Me, I’m an election-night junkie.  I stay up into the wee small hours for our own British general elections, even the local elections.  Peter Snow and his swingometer is my idea of a good night in.  So of course I am planning for the long haul tonight.  Off round to my friend’s shortly with a bottle of wine and a bag of knitting.  I have temporarily abandoned the Christmas knitting because I had had had to start my clapotis, so am taking that with me.  It’s a fairly simple pattern that should stand up to distractions, tiredness and excitement that lay in store (and the washing machine friendly acrylic yarn should stand up to the red wine stains).
clapotis wip


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