overcome by the yarn fumes

This is what happens when two knitters ‘just pop in for a look’ at Abakhan
we went to abakhan
Some of this haul is my belated birthday present from Chrissie, and I think once the Christmas knitting is finished I will have having a shawl frenzy – a big clapotis from James C Brett Marble and a bloom from Patons Spirit.  I still feel that wearing shawls make me look like I’m on my way to a mine disaster but I just love to knit them.

Oooh and I am participating in my first swap – a ‘sock yarn from your stash’ swap on Ravelry.  I’ve send a parcel to Anne-Ruth in Norway, now I’m waiting excitedly for my parcel from my upstream partner.  Surprise yarn in the post, what could be better?


4 responses to “overcome by the yarn fumes

  1. Found your blog while on Socks from Stash through Ravelry. I agree- I have the desire to knit shawls because they’re beautiful, but zero desire to wear them!
    Nice blog!

  2. Amen to that! (shawls are beautiful but aren’t they for draping over the couch or something? hehe)

  3. if I didn’t have cats I would make throws instead of shawls. Never mind, I have found a new outlet for my shawl-love, having persuaded my son he really wants a campfire blanket / poncho for cubs

  4. I get overcome by yarn fumes too!!!
    Especially sock yarns!

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