water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody

Mark Twain clearly never blocked Noro Kureyon.

I decided to make a calorimetry headwrap as a quick gift for a friend, and thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the Kureyon, a yarn which is [legendary/infamous]* on ravelry. Now, from reading around ravelry about Calorimetry I knew people find it tends to come up big.  But as I’m knitting it for a large man with a lot of hair and I know my tension tends to be a little on the tight side, I thought I’d be OK with the full 120 stitches.  And it was OK, perhaps a little large but certainly wearable by a large man with a lot of hair.  But then I showed it the water.  And got my comeuppance for risking the wrath of  knitting goddesses by ignoring their first commandment ‘Thou Shalt Always Swatch & Wash’.

I washed it very gently in tepid water and ba-boom it grew 15 %.  That’s insane.  I do love the Kureyon colours and I can forgive its eccentric spinning and occasional bits of twig.  But I can’t live with it growing that much with water.  I will use it again for small things like calorimetries and maybe felted things like tea cosies but not any kind of garment with it.

Anyways I frogged the original calorimetry and tried again with a fresh ball of Kureyon.  I went down two needle sizes to get a firmer fabric, and cast on less stitches (96 instead of 120).  After 10% + growth on blocking, it was perfect.  I hope it keeps Vladi’s head warm in the world’s colder trouble zones.
calorimetry, for Vladimir
Pattern: Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf (mods: 96 st & 4 mm needles)
Yarn: Noro Kureyon 52
Needles: 4 mm straight

Calorimetry itself is also [legendary/infamous]* on ravelry.  Some people are incredibly snotty / snarky about popular patterns.  ‘Why oh why does everyone think [pattern x] is so great?‘ they wail ‘am I the only one who has never knitted  calorimetry/clapotis/monkeys?‘ For which read, ‘I am such a superior knitter, vastly more creative, talented and original than you poor sheep‘.   Yes that’s right, I only knit patterns because everyone else does.  Hmm could there be a reason these patterns are so popular?  Is it just possible that people keep making them because they are well written and produce great FOs, rather than just because everyone else is making them too?

* delete as appropriate


2 responses to “water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody

  1. You have given me the push I needed to make that pattern. I thought of giving it to a friend of mine who tends to ride his bicycle to work in cold weather and it looked like something that would fit under his helmet. But I just hadn’t gotten around to starting it. Seeing how lovely yours turned out made me a lot more anxious to get started on mine. I just need to decide what color to use.

  2. whatever you use, don’t forget to make it smaller than the pattern states. On ravelry, people seem to think 80 or 88 stitches on 5 mm needles is a good bet. I did 96 but on smaller (4 mm) needles to get a firmer fabric with the Kureyon

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