only 97 knitting days to go …

Unlike some people, I love making things for Christmas.  This is probably because I hate shopping (unless it’s for yarn or books of course).  I am also rubbish at it, especially gift shopping for people other than those I am very close to.  It always ends horribly with a trolley-dash round Boots and M&S and a bag full of things I worry are inappropriate or too expensive or too cheap or otherwise unsuitable.

Whereas a knitted / crocheted gift is never inappropriate and while it costs a lot in time, is relatively inexpensive in money.  Last year for example I cranked out a load of one skein scarves in various shades of cashmerino, each one took an evening and under ten quid’s worth of yarn (and a lot less packaging and child labour than something else I might have bought for a tenner).  Hey if I make it from stash it’s practically free yay.
one skein scarves
But ultimately, there are two main reason I love to give knitted / crocheted gifts.  1) so I can bask in the admiration and ‘ooh aren’t you clever’s and 2) because these days, I express my love in yarn.  If I love you, I knit you stuff.

So this year as last, my motto will be ‘if I can’t make it (or buy it on Amazon), you’re not having it’. I have made my who’s-getting-what list, lengthened by several people thoughtlessly having birtdays in the run up to Christmas.  I have made a start already with some socks and a couple of calorimetries, and when my exams are over the Big Push will start (tho my wrist problems mean Stakhanovite all-nighters are out of the question this year).   And even if I don’t finish everything,  I will have fun on the way.


4 responses to “only 97 knitting days to go …

  1. You really make me need to learn how to crochet! Beautiful FO’s 🙂

    I’m also plugging away at christmas knits. Thank god for 97 days. I just might make it!

  2. What a great idea. Several years ago my husband and I decided to stop going into debt on Christmas gifts. I detracted from the true meaning of Christmas – the gift of God’s love – Christ. So we talked to our family members and told them that we would still give gifts to the little kids who really don’t understand our position during the commercially exploited holiday. We also decided to show God’s love through finding a family and need and purchasing things for family – clothing items, food, etc.

    But I realize that sometimes my family feels left out even though we still spend the holidays together. One year we made gifts for one another and it was the best! I have done so periodically over the years – cookies, cakes, etc. But you have inspired me. I am a loom knitter – not as talented as you, but I have made and even sold some beautiful hats, scarfs, purses, and mittens over the years. That’s the extent of my abilities. However, I have a boatload of yarn waiting to be used. Perhaps this year I will do so.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh by the way… I can crochet a little, but your scarves have me salivating. They are georgous!

  4. thanks 🙂 seriously if you can crochet a little you can make those scarves. Do them in a beautiful yarn and they will be fabulous. The pattern is in the Stitch’n’Bitch ‘Happy Hooker’ book and is also now available free

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