a brief history of sockoholism

I finished another pair of socks.  That makes 25 pairs in the last 18 months, 25 pairs since I decided to dabble in socks knitting.  It started innocently, with a training sock, but quickly spiralled into full-blown sock addiction and I’ve been turning them out at a rate of over a pair a month ever since  ….
a short history of socks

1. bedsocks for gran, 2. socks for Rob, 3. tiger feet for me, 4. Kilimanjaro socks for Bobby, 5. jaywalkers for Osiris, 6. jaywalkers for me, 7. jaywalkers for Chrissie, 8. walking socks for mum, 9. ladybird jaywalkers for Brenda, 10. Jaywalkers for Ethel, 11. scar socks for Rob, 12. tiger feet for Owen, 13. stripey socks for Owen, 14. pomatamus for me, 15. gentleman socks for Dad, 16. red cabled socks for Rob, 17. green & black socks for Owen, 18. waving lace socks for Brenda, 19. Lancre Witch’s Stockings for me, 20. go with the flow socks for me, 21. surprise stripes socks, for Rob, on Rob, 22. irish flag socks, for Owen, 23. little cotton socks, for me, 24. amethyst monkeys, for me, 25. shap socks, for me
Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

The latest, the Shap Socks (named for Shap pink granite), are walking boot socks I improvised / designed myself because I couldn’t find a pattern for what I wanted. I may well write up and publish the pattern when I get some better photos.
shap socks
pattern: to follow
yarn: Opal Rainforest Flamingo
needles: 3 mm dpns (2.75 mm for toe and heel)


2 responses to “a brief history of sockoholism

  1. Arrrgh! Great socks, but I’m sockphobic, my feet are twitching at the thought…

  2. but (unless you favour the bare-feet-with-deck-shoes look) you must still wear them?

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