some people are never happy ….

As I was browsing the Crochet on Ravelry group’s ‘Finished Object of the Month Contest‘ thread, son was looking over my shoulder, demanding that I get off ravelry and let him get on Club Penguin when he saw quester’s EVE. So of course he wants me to make him one, too, to be a friend to the Wall-E he’s just made out of junk.  And being still, by some miracle, in Good Mum mode, I did.
EVE meets WallE
Actually I did this in a worryingly short time (even including an emergency trip into town for more fibrefill) because I find crochet dangerously compelling. Things go up so much more quickly than knitting, I find myself thinking things are ‘nearly’ finished so I end up staying up very (very) late in a massive binge-crochet to the end. Knitting is must calmer just doesn’t have that effect on me (except the night before a birthday present is due).

Now son wants me to do another EVE, this time with a gun (she did have some kind of fire power in the film, if I remember right). And then make a matching yarn Wall-E. And some Worms (with accessories).  And then probably a penguin and some puffles.


One response to “some people are never happy ….

  1. Both Ev-E and Wall-E are very clever. Aren’t you both talented!

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