Monday morning

Last week in Ireland provided a lot more knitting opportunities than the week before, so I got my amethyst monkeys finished (to much acclaim, my mother-in-law wants a pair for Christmas).

365_018 2 August 08
pattern: Monkey by Cookie A (from knitty)
yarn: Violet Green Supersock in amethyst
needles: Clover takumi bamboo dpns, 2.75 mm for leg, 2.5 mm for heel and foot

Then I cast on with the other wool I’d taken with me, a cotton blend that’s been lurking in the stash for a while. I’ve knit the leg of the first sock but I don’t really like the colours much, so they might be retired for a while. And of course the Ravelympics start on Friday.  I am entered in 3 events:

  • Sock put – well of course socks.  Haven’t decided on yarn or pattern yet, but am thinking this could be a good start to the Christmas knitting, so I might do monkeys or jaywalkers
  • Scarf stroke – I was browsing scarf patterns on ravelry, looking for ways to use the sock yarn stash, and fatally forgot to click the ‘only free’ button.  It was love at first sight of the Boteh scarf so I had to buy the pattern
  • WiP Wrestling – as I am competing for Team Tardis there should be at least one Whovian project included, I think, and hopefully this will get me to finally finish my dalek.

Anyways after two weeks off, it’s back to normal on a typically wet Manchester morning so I’d better do some work.


One response to “Monday morning

  1. I did same thing with scarf patterns, haven’t made the Boteh scarf yet but it will be done for the winter!!

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