and another reason ravelry roolz …

You don’t have to join in the groups / fora to enjoy ravelry. But it’s so much fun if you do. Amongst other things you get to take part in community projects like the ‘Who Knits’ group’s aghan project.
People make one or some squares out of left-over sock yarn, knit on the bias, and then someone’s going to sew them up into a blanket and auction on ebay for MSF (as has been mentioned before, Doctors without Borders is the obvious charity of choice for Dr Who fans was well as knitters). These are mine, posted them off today …
who afghan squares

Could’ve made oodles more (am not lacking in left-over sock yarn) but have work and chemistry and such to do, not to mention there’s now less than 6 months left for the Christmas knitting.


2 responses to “and another reason ravelry roolz …

  1. I would love to participate in something like this but can’t find information anywhere. Help? (I’m on Ravelry as either msgypsy or msgyspy, probably the former…) If it’s a UK project, I want to start one in the US. Doctors Without Borders is an awesome organization that deserves as much support as they can get!

  2. Never mind, I found it. I’m just blind some days.

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