crocheted bits and bobs

Haven’t been crocheting much lately, not sure why exactly. But have picked up the hooks a couple of times when I’ve needed to make something quick. Like, these gift bags for the ‘present from Scotland’ bottles of hot chilli sauce I got for Sister and BestMaleFriend

bottle bags
improvised in oddments of DK with 4 mm hook

… and these hearts, a little something to pop in friend’s wedding card:
wedding hearts
Pattern: 104-46 Elegant heart by DROPS design
Yarn: Yeoman Yarns Cannele 4 Ply, shades cardinal, ruby
Hook: 3mm

I love this heart pattern, the constrution is really interesting and the finished objects yay cute. Quick and easy to make from bits of stash.

Talking of using up stash, I’ve made a square for Manchester Oxfam’s Maternal Mortality Awareness blanket. They’re making a giant baby blanket of 1,400 squares – one for each woman who dies each day in pregnancy or child birth some where in the world, due to lack of adequate health care. When I had my son, I needed an emergency caesarian. Without it, there’s a good chance one or both of us would not be around today.


2 responses to “crocheted bits and bobs

  1. I am fascinated by the concept of Scottish hot sauce. Moreso because it sound delicious. Someday I’ll have to find an importer.

    The MOMMA blanket sounds like a wonderful project and one I would participate in were I on your side of the Big Blue Water. Thank you for bringing it to my attention because I’m going to try to find something like that in the US. My goddaughter was born by an emergency C, and was on oxygen for the first three months of her life. And not because she was preemie. She has just turned 13 and wants to be a fashion designer. In her honor I would love to participate in something like this.

  2. Hopefully, the blanket is going to be a great big woolly petition to our goverment.

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